Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Too Early To Spy

I found this quilt pattern on eBay.  Nice retro pattern, don't you think? Actually, the lovely 1930s feedsack prints on the front were brand new when the pattern was printed, not replicas.  This McCall pattern is dated 1937 and it was surprisingly easy to confirm the date.

The date stamp inside the pattern flap is Oct 1937, and the cardboard template is made from a calender dated 1937.  How easy was that - not much detective work needed!  One transfer has been cut from the sheet, all the rest are intact.  Someone spent her 25 cents on the pattern but then was too busy to make a start - does that sound familiar?

If I ever decide to make this quilt I will have to brush up on my embroidery skills.  Fortunately I have a section on embroidering transfers in my "Needlework and Crafts: Every Woman's Book on the Arts of Plain Sewing, Embroidery, Dressmaking, and Home Crafts".  Unfortunately the News Chronicle publishers neglected to put a publishing date in the book.  Detective work needed here.

If you like looking at old patterns here's a great blog -  Lots of old pattern and fashion plates with an amusing commentary.

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  1. Very cool. Old patterns are such fun, aren't they? I enjoyed looking at the "what-i-found" blog.