Friday, November 15, 2013

I Spy a Tutorial

I found this tutorial link on Bonnie Hunter's Facebook page.  It's an I Spy quilt by Melissa Corry at Happy Quilting blog. The instructions are very detailed, lots of photos, and the finished quilt looks great.  It's not difficult, the blocks are based on a four patch, it's the placement of the colours that makes it lively.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Special Days

I've been wanting to make a sampler quilt for sometime now.  I have The Farmer's Wife book and I've made about a dozen of those blocks.  Dear Jane is quite amazing, but.....perhaps they all look a bit similar to each other?  I wanted to choose my own blocks but I was lacking a theme.

Last month I discovered that March 14 was Pi Day.  Pi is the mathematical number to measure circles, 3.14 and so on, so the 14th day of the 3rd month is Pi Day.  I thought I would make a block and searched in EQ7 for something appropriate.

14 March - Pi Day
 The pattern is Key Lime Pie, so I used a lime print and managed a 4, 3 and 1 as well.  I made a few more blocks in March.

17 March - St. Patrick's Day
 Easy - Single Irish Chain and shamrocks.

21 March - Autumn Equinox
 Autumn for us in the Southern Hemisphere, that is.  I added the selvedge from the background fabric with the words 'Changing Seasons'.  It was a bit challenging - seven squares in six inches.

19 March - Seppitag - St. Joseph's Day
St. Joseph's Day is a public holiday in Stans, Switzerland where I visited in 2011. The pattern is Joseph's coat, and  I used carpenter's tools and masculine colours.

So, my I Spy Special Days has begun.  If I make one block a week, four a month, it will only take me seven years to get all the blocks.  It would also be enormous. I can worry about that in 2020.