Friday, April 5, 2013

Special Days

I've been wanting to make a sampler quilt for sometime now.  I have The Farmer's Wife book and I've made about a dozen of those blocks.  Dear Jane is quite amazing, but.....perhaps they all look a bit similar to each other?  I wanted to choose my own blocks but I was lacking a theme.

Last month I discovered that March 14 was Pi Day.  Pi is the mathematical number to measure circles, 3.14 and so on, so the 14th day of the 3rd month is Pi Day.  I thought I would make a block and searched in EQ7 for something appropriate.

14 March - Pi Day
 The pattern is Key Lime Pie, so I used a lime print and managed a 4, 3 and 1 as well.  I made a few more blocks in March.

17 March - St. Patrick's Day
 Easy - Single Irish Chain and shamrocks.

21 March - Autumn Equinox
 Autumn for us in the Southern Hemisphere, that is.  I added the selvedge from the background fabric with the words 'Changing Seasons'.  It was a bit challenging - seven squares in six inches.

19 March - Seppitag - St. Joseph's Day
St. Joseph's Day is a public holiday in Stans, Switzerland where I visited in 2011. The pattern is Joseph's coat, and  I used carpenter's tools and masculine colours.

So, my I Spy Special Days has begun.  If I make one block a week, four a month, it will only take me seven years to get all the blocks.  It would also be enormous. I can worry about that in 2020.

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