Thursday, December 15, 2011

A UFO Bites the Dust

This is one of the first quilts I started when I began selling I Spy charms on eBay, so it must have begun about 2005. I started with 6.5 inch squares and arranged them in six groups of four.  I added a 2.5 inch pink block to one corner of each big square to make a snowball type corner.  The four blocks were sewn together, then a pink sashing added.
Next I sorted through my I Spy stash and found pieces that were at least 3.5 inches wide.  I sewed these pieces into strips and stashed the big blocks.
Then the mostly finished top went into a cupboard and sat for six years.  It was retrieved, I'm glad to say, when the new sewing machine arrived and I could quilt big quilts once more (the Singer Featherweight did have its limitations).

I still had the bright pink fabric stored with the top so that was fine.  I chose a light coloured print from the stash and sewed a corner square on each corner, then round the whole top with a 2.5 inch strip.  I added a pink corner and again went around the whole top.  The back was a bright print of waterfalls and flamingos, also from the stash, and there was enough pink to do the binding.
Yesterday I took the completed quilt to one of our local social care agencies to add to their stash of Christmas presents.  It took a while but the quilt will finally have a proper home.

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