Thursday, December 8, 2011

She Sells Seashells

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the fat quarters is Dee Soden.  Well done Dee, you'll have to let me know which two fat quarters you would like.

I was looking through some of my photos to find a quilt to decorate this post, and I came across my Summer quilt.  Now that it's summertime in Australia this is the topper on our own bed.  Hubby collects seashells so I made this shell themed quilt a few years ago.  Many people like to walk on the beach and pick up seashells, but a conchologist takes shell collecting to a whole new level. Our spare bedroom has floor to ceiling shelves with boxes full of categorised seashells.  The shell collection takes up almost as much room as my stash (but it is much more organised....)
Most children's I Spy quilts cover a wide range of objects, but it's fun to pick a theme and collect fabrics to suit.  An adult's quilt is more likely to be based on a theme like a hobby, sport or travel.  I have collections of chicken fabrics (for myself), cat fabrics (to make a quilt for my brother one day) and music fabrics (also for me).  Do you have collections?

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  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you for your give-away.
    Doing a hppy dance that I won.
    I love the owls.