Friday, November 25, 2011

Time for a Give Away

Now that this new blog has a few postings it's time to get some followers.  Which can only mean one thing - time for a free giveaway!
These lovely prints are Australian designed from twomonkeys. I think they are just right for an I Spy but of course they can be used in any kid's project.  This quiltlet is made from 'Night Watch' using a Disappearing 9 patch.

I'm giving away two fat quarters from this range to the winner of the competition. To enter just comment on the question, "When did you make your first I Spy quilt?"  If you link the give away to your blog I'll give you a second chance to win. 
Which two fat quarters will you choose?


  1. Hi Sharon, let's get this blog on the road..... I have posted about your new blog and give-away on my blog ( - let's hope you get more readers across.....
    ps as yet I've completed my first I Spy quilt - must get onto it...Joy

  2. I can ALWAYS use a few more Fat Quarters. There is no such thing as too many of these. And my favourite design at present just happens to be Disappearing Nine Patch. Am about to cut another one and recently asked on QDU how many 5" squares I should get out of a FQ. I had to ask 'cause my brain is having a'fuzzy' due to painkillers for my back problem.
    I've shared this blog on Facebook and will put a tag on my blog when I figure out how.
    A I Spy Quilt fan.
    Please Please pick me!

  3. Always good to see new ideas and read about "what's happening" you sound like on busy lady, I am a follower and will add you to my blog roll .

  4. I've never made an I spy quilt but like the owls I am making an owl doorstop at the moment.

  5. I've never made one! I've been waiting for just the right inspiration!!

  6. Hello Sharon,

    I have made one single bed eye spy quilt which I hand quilted. Still have two to go, they are UFO's at the moment. Love that you do your sewing on a older machine.
    Happy days.

  7. Saving up fabric to make one - love Big like daddy and Night Watch - thanks for the chance!

  8. I'm not actually sure what an I spy quilt is, but the fabrics are lovely - I like the owls & the pink floral. I'm collecting a variety of quilt fabrics at the moment because I intend to get into quilt making - would love to add these ones! Your quilts are lovely.

  9. Linda, think of the guessing game, "I Spy with my little eye, something beginning with W...". An I Spy quilt has lots of different prints each with a picture of an animal, a toy, food; anything really. The more variety the more interesting the quilt is!
    Many quilt makers swap squares of fabric with other quilters to get as many different prints as possible.

  10. I haven't made one yet but you never know...

  11. First made an I spy quilt about 8 years ago. It is a QAYG hexagons with all bright fabrics on the back and the eye spy fabrics on the front. The kids love it

  12. thanks for the opportunity to join in the free giveaway. What lovely fabrics. What a great blog you have saw your shout out on SCQ yahoo group.
    Wendy from Dahlward Quilting Services

  13. These are great, i'd use them for adult quilts as well as for kids things!

    Thanks for running the comp, it's nice to find new blogs and fun to have things like this to induce us to click on one now.

  14. I really like Night Watch & Punch Bug but they're all really gorgeous. Thanks for a lovely giveaway, so happy to have found your blog.