Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Spy Puss in the Corner

At the local op shop I bought a pile of old quilting magazines which included Australian Quilters' Companion No. 18 (the one with the Candied Hexagons pattern).  There is also a pattern called 30s Sweet Dreams using a traditional block called Puss in the Corner.  Here's what I did with the pattern:

The pattern uses 3.5 and 1.5 inch pieces.  This is smaller than what I usually save, but I sorted through my 3.5 inch squares and found these framed pieces, seven in all. I discovered I did have a bin of 1.5 inch strips so I cut a pile of bright pieces and sorted them into take away food containers.

I like using these containers.  I don't use the lids, I just stack them inside each other when I'm putting things away.
The magazine pattern makes the quilt in rows rather than blocks and I found that worked very well.

The finished piece is too big for a doll's quilt.  I think I'll add some wide borders and make it cot sized.  If I was using the pattern again  I would make the big squares 5 inches and the strips 2 inches, which would still keep the pattern but would end up a more useful size.

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